No offline acquisition strategy? No worries!

Stuart Page

Published on: July 6, 2023

Created on: June 20, 2022


Recently we were referred to a new customer through one of our existing long-term customers.

It started with a conversation between marketing managers as follows “we have seen your advertising everywhere! Who do you use for that?” Which our existing customer gladly proclaimed, “The team at Reacon do all that work for us, I can introduce you.”

We found ourselves in front of a potential customer who had no idea where to start. They were all over their digital strategy but offline wasn’t something they were all that experienced with. Not only were they overwhelmed with all the detail, but they were also unsure that the campaign would achieve the desired results they were looking for. We worked through the process from start to finish understanding their objectives for the campaign and started with obtaining data in respect to their top 10% customers to understand who they really were, their purchasing habits, along with how they like to engage.

Clawing through their customer data we discovered that a large proportion of their target audience resided in the more affluent areas of Australia which was expected. However, data also revealed a subset of their customers were young and upcoming residing in areas closer to metropolitan transport hubs.

Armed with this knowledge we commenced the development of an offline campaign that talked to both audience types, the format, offer and creative was different for both segments. We developed creative, format selection, paper choice and distribution method along with the data segmenting and targeting.

The campaign ran for six (6)weeks and achieved an 27% response rate and 55% engagement rate. The average lifetime value of the customers achieved through the channel performed better and the lower affluent audience have become a significant part of the growth of the new customers.

The offline channel has now become the best performing acquisition channel for this customer to date and importantly they have noticed improved performance of their online campaigns when run alongside the offline campaigns.

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