Book, manage and track all your marketing campaigns online.

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Find out how easy it is to run a local or direct mail campaign using Connekta.

Make multi-channel campaign management a breeze

Our addressed direct mail option can help you win back lost customers, engage new ones, or send important messages to your existing customers via traditional mail.

Our retail experts have sought out the best promotional material that can turbo charge your campaign. Just select what best suits your campaign and you are set to go.

We work closely with the reputable research companies to provide you the statistical information on your target market so that your message always gets delivered in the right place.

Our platform is integrated with Rebrandly and enabling you to directly create a branded URL that provides the capture of traffic statistics specific to your campaign.

You can now personalize and edit your creative templates according to the requirement of your campaign. Update your design or content from your digital asset inventory anytime.

Our Imbedded shortened link provides a seamless engine to track your customer’s engagement for each campaign



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