Click, Clack, Front,
and Back.

Connekta is a platform built for enterprises. Its de-coupled application architecture and headless design enable a flexible, scaleable, and seamless solution that operates within your technology ecosystem with a growing list of off-the-shelf integrations.


Execute, track, and measure your one-to-one sends or automate bulk sends using the Salesforce + Sendoso integration.


Enable your sales team to add personalized sending as a step within their Groove Flows.


Include personalized gifts, branded swag, and eGifts by adding Sendoso to your workflows.


Automate personalized gifts, eGifts, and more, based on any smart list criteria and measure campaign performance.

Add a personal touch to your prospecting by allowing teams to send items directly from Outreach.


Allow your sales & SDR teams to send personalized gifts, branded swag, and eGifts directly from SalesLoft cadences.

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