Track everything in real-time
from cost to engagement

Gain deeper
insights into

target customers

Measure Campaign Engagement

Connect Retail Intelligence

Enable Web Insights

Access Procurement Audit Trails

Analyse User Activity

Identify Execution Status

Understand spend,
traffic, engagement, and
acquisition rates for all
your activities.

Measure campaign
effectiveness and engagement

  • Your teams can now prepare online briefs and get quotes on any new sourcing and procurement requirements.

  • Area or field managers can order for locations that they manage or locations can order directly for themselves.

  • Add your products to a personalised product catalogue for accessible ordering by your teams.

  • Upload your creative templates from source files such as .psd, .eps and .ai. Lock or enable editing of template sections to ensure brand compliance.

  • Directly access your images by integrating your Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to Connekta.

  • Know what you have in stock before you order to ensure order efficiency.

  • Track changes in order status throughout the fulfilment workflow cycle.



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