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Whether you’re looking to benefit from seamless global marketing procurement, acquire new customers using innovative channels, build awareness about a particular cause, product, or service, or want to retain existing customers, Connekta is designed to be applied across your entire marketing funnel.

Brand Stories

Our nimble industry agnostic approach is helping brands the world over.

We do not underestimate the value of providing social proof, we don’t like blowing our own trumpet, but hey if we’ve done something good for our brand partners, no harm in making everyone aware of it, right? Brands have discovered and unlocked great value from our platform as we’ve journeyed with them from one campaign to the next.

Below are a few brand journeys that have validated our approach, people, and technologies with the ultimate goal of getting brands in front of the customers they want, harnessing our marketing execution strengths and extending this with access to regional markets, cutting-edge technology, and most importantly measurable results.

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