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Connekta delivers physical marketing articles to a customer’s residence using an expanding affiliate partner network.

Brands benefit by getting the most out of their marketing spend and whereas affiliates get an opportunity to monetize areas of their business that were previously a cost.

An affiliate partner is ideally an organization that can make available otherwise redundant space as an area for potential advertising. We do this in many ways, some of these test cases are provided below.


Short-Stay Door Handles

The uber economy has led to the monetization of personal residences. Our platform provides brands with new advertising opportunities.

In-room Inserts

Get access to hotels, motels and short-stay accomodation to seamlessly deliver your advertising to vacationing consumers that are ready for promotional engagement.

Packages and Parcels

We have the largest network of e-retailers that operate as exclusive partners providing advertising space in their delivery packages and parcels.

Food & Beverage Delivery Bags

Our new 'food guard' product provides our merchant network with tamper-evident eco bags and a co-advertising opportunity for brands.

Grocery Delivery Boxes

Benchmarked to the highest international environmental standards from workplace to the supply chain.

Charity Envelopes

An average of 500,000 direct mail pieces are sent to potential donors each week. We unlock this amazing opportunity for brands to partner with NFP's to deliver their advertising.

Control every aspect of your inventory ... who, what and when that's your call.

We provide you with all the tools to manage advertising inventory, brand compliance, and pricing whilst ensuring that the process for article insertion into your distribution workflow is smooth, simple, and seamless.

See how it works?

Select your target customer segments or upload customer post codes to understand your customer profile.

Create industry black lists and exclude brands from the outset to ensure they do not see your available inventory.

Identify your transactional volumes per day and availability during a calendar year. There may be periods where you wish not to make your inventory available.

Select the collateral type that best suits your inventory. Personalize from type (e.g. coupon card, label, or sample) to size, weight, and creative design.

Charge your inventory based on a Cost Per Thousand. Remember better value leads to more booking requests.

Every time there is a request to purchase your inventory by a brand, a request will be sent to you for approval prior to booking.

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